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  Warm up to comfort and style in the Arctic women's 10.2 oz. heavyweight 100% spun polyester
  Warm up to comfort and style in the Arctic women's 10.2 oz. heavyweight 100% spun polyester Anti-Pilling PANDA FLEECE jacket. Featuring nylon panels on the front and back yoke, back forearms and along the bottom. Accented with chest and side zippered pockets, elastic-bound cuffs and the EMB-AXS system for clean embroidery. Adjustable drawstring bottom with cord locks provides a custom fit. Slight drop tail.

(Sizes:  XS= 2-4, SM= 6-8, MD= 10-12, LG= 14-16, XL= 18-20, 2X= 22-24, 3X= 26-28, 4X= 30-32)
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